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IMDG Code & IMDG Code Supplement

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many meetings at IMO have been postponed, including the Maritime Safety Committee, at which amendments to the IMDG Code and IMDG Code Supplement need to be approved.

In view of this, publication of the 2020 Editions of the IMDG Code (inc. Amendment 40-20) and the IMDG Code Supplement have been delayed and are not now envisaged before December 2020 (in digital format) at the earliest, with shipping of the hard copy editions expected in early 2021.

The current edition of the IMDG Code (inc. Amendment 39-18), remains valid until 31 December 2021.

Just Published

IMO Publishing is pleased to announce the availability of the following new hardcopy editions of updated titles:

31st Assembly 2019 (Res. 1131 - 1147) (English edition only)

Basic Documents: Volume II, 2020 Edition (English edition only).

The following new digital editions of updated titles has just been released:

SOLAS Consolidated Edition, 2020

IBC Code, 2020 Edition

31st Assembly 2019 (Res. 1131 - 1147) (French and Spanish) Editions.

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Coming soon...

IBC Code, 2020 Edition (product code IE100E, price £60) in September 2020

SOLAS Consolidated Edition, 2020 (product code IG110E, price £120) in October 2020

e-reader: IBC Code, 2020 French/Spanish Editions (digital only) (product code KE100F/KE100S, price £60) in October 2020.

Just published


31st Session 2019 (Res. 1131 - 1147) (I31E)
Price £60


Basic Documents: Volume II, 2020 Edition (IB007E)
Price £30


e-reader: SOLAS Consolidated Edition, 2020 (KG110E)
Price £120


e-reader: IBC Code, 2020 Edition (KE100E)
Price £60


e-reader: 31st Session 2019 (Res. 1131 - 1147) French/Spanish Editions (K31F/K31S)
Price £60

Future Titles


SOLAS Consolidated Edition, 2020) (IG110E)
Price £120