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IMO Publishing is pleased to announce the availability of the following new titles:

Ballast Water Management - How to do it, 2017 Edition
Compliance Monitoring Disposal, 2017 Edition
29th Session 2015 (Res. 1093-1109), Arabic Edition
29th Session 2015 (Res. 1093-1109), Chinese Edition.

Also available are the following new editions of existing titles:

Model course: Training course for instructors, 2017 Edition
Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims, 2017 Chinese Edition.

Following the publication of our new title Ballast Water Management - How to do it, 2017 Edition, we remind you that the BWM Convention came into force on 8 September 2017 and applies to all ships engaged in international trade. Presently, there are two different standards, D-1 and D-2. New ships must meet the D-2 standard now while existing ships must initially meet the D-1 standard only and will need to meet the D-2 standard after 2019. For most ships, this will involve installing special equipment. Please see our short film, infographic and webpage for further information.

Please note that two online subscription products, namely, MARPOL on the Web and SOLAS on the Web have been updated to incorporate the latest amendments. Should you wish to promote these online subscriptions, please take advantage of the free, two-day trial available here.

As you may be aware, a brief summary is published on the IMO website after every Committee or Sub-Committee meeting. We invite you to view the re-designed webpages which aim to improve usability and make the information easier to access.

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Coming soon...

MARPOL Consolidated Edition, 2017 Edition (product code IE520E, price £80) in October 2017

Poster: MARPOL Annex V discharge provisions, 2017 (product code IA659E, price £12) in October 2017

Guide on Oil Spill Response in Ice and Snow Conditions, 2017 Edition (product code I585E, price £30) in October 2017

International SafetyNET Manual, 2017 Edition (product code IC908E, price £15) in October 2017

NAVTEX Manual, 2017 Edition (product code IE951E, price £15) in October 2017

Model course: Engine-room simulator, 2017 Edition (product code TB207E, price £60) in October 2017

SOLAS Consolidated Chinese Edition, 2014 (product code IF110C, price £90) in September 2017

29th Session 2015 (Res 1093 - 1109), Russian Edition (product code I29R, price £35) in October 2017

Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims, 2017 Russian Edition (product code IB444R, price £10) in October 2017.

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IMO Publishing will be exhibiting at

Contamination Expo 2017 from 27-28 September 2017 in London, UK and

Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 from 11-13 October 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany.