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IMO Publishing is pleased to announce the availability of the following new title:

IMO In-Situ Burning Guidelines, 2017 Edition.
29th Assembly 2015 (Res. 1093-1109), French Edition
29th Assembly 2015 (Res. 1093-1109), Spanish Edition.

The IMO Bookshelf

The IMO Bookshelf e-reader software product provides a convenient and flexible solution for accessing and managing your digital IMO titles in one place.

When customers purchase an e-reader title, they are purchasing one licence for installation on one pc/laptop. As a courtesy, IMO Publishing provides an additional backup licence to be used in cases where, for example, the pc/laptop crashes or there is a system upgrade requiring reinstallation of the product.

Should users wish to run two concurrent copies of IMO digital titles on two pcs/laptops, they are advised to purchase two licences from the outset. This will ensure that a backup licence is always available in case of system crash/upgrade.

Together with our technical service provider, Witherby Publishing, a new process for acquiring replacement backup licences is now in place. Following reinstallation of The IMO Bookshelf software, when the user tries to unlock their publication, a small screen similar to the one below will display:


The user will need to send an email to unlock.problems@emailws.com with details of their licence 'READ' code and the related email address, together with any explanatory information. Of course, distributors may do this on their customers' behalf.

The user's request will be examined by our technical service provider and, if both the main and backup licences have been unlocked for the title more than 24 months ago, a replacement backup licence(s) will be provided free of charge. Should the user's case not meet this criterion, however, a new, full price licence (complete with backup licence) must be purchased from 1 July 2017. As always, we encourage users to contact their local distributor for assistance and purchases.

IMO Publishing anticipates this new system will prove to be an efficient and faster solution for requesting and obtaining additional licences for digital title purchases. Should you have any queries, please contact us.

The latest version of The IMO Bookshelf has been updated to include additional titles. For further information regarding this product, please encourage your customers to view the webpage.

Please view the Polar Code film that shows how this new IMO instrument supports safe and environmentally-friendly shipping in the Arctic and Antarctic waters.

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We are currently planning the IMO Publishing schedule of exhibitions for 2018. Should you have any plans of attending one or know of a good maritime trade fair for next year, please let us know.

Coming soon...

Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas, 2017 Edition (product code IA545E, price £30) in June 2017

Ships' Routeing, 2017 Edition (product code IG927E, price £125) in August 2017

IBC Code, 2017 French and Spanish Editions (product codes ID100F/S, price £45) in June 2017

Field Monitoring Disposal, 2017 French Edition (product code I542F, price £15) in June 2017.

Just published


IMO In-Situ Burning Guidelines, 2017 Edition


29th Assembly 2015 (Res. 1093-1109), French Edition


29th Assembly 2015 (Res. 1093-1109), Spanish Edition


The IMO Bookshelf (V5.9), May 2017

Future Titles


Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSA), 2017 Edition


Ships' Routeing, 2017 Edition


IBC Code, 2016 Spanish Edition


Field Monitoring Disposal, 2016 Spanish Edition