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Digital Content Only
Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency, IMO Publishing is currently only able to provide customers with digital products. These include e-books and e-readers, online subscription and download products.

Please be assured that our editorial and production team, who are all working remotely, will continue to produce all new editions of publications which do not rely on an IMO meeting having taken place. These new titles, however, will be released in digital format only pending resumption of normal services.

We regret that we are currently unable to predict how long this situation will continue and thank all customers for their patience and understanding.

For information and support regarding our digital products, software and installation instructions, please visit the IMO Publishing web pages or email us at sales@imo.org.

IMO Publishing is pleased to announce the availability of the following new digital title:

Model course: SAR Mission Coordinator (IAMSAR Manual, Volume II), 2020 Edition

Also available are the following new editions of an existing title:

International Code on Intact Stability 2008, 2020 French Edition (digital only)

International Code on Intact Stability 2008, 2020 Spanish Edition (digital only)

Electronic IMDG Code products
Please remember that IMO Publishing will be discontinuing the IMDG Code on the Web subscription (S200E), Electronic IMDG Code for download (ZL200E) and IMDG Code for Windows CD (DL200E) products from 1 June 2020. For subscription users, any subscription taken out before 1 June 2020 will continue to be available until the expiry of their 12-month subscription, however, there will be no further updates to the product.

Supplements to IMO publications
Please note that an erratum in English has been added to our Supplements & CDs webpage. We encourage you to view this webpage and advise you to download and print it accordingly.

Please remember that these updates are available by using the Internet Update/Check for Content Update function from within The IMO Bookshelf. Customers who purchased the e-book can access the supplement that has been added to the back of the pdf file, via the Virtual Publications website.

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Coming soon...

Instruments relevant to procedures for port State control, 2019 (digital only) (product code K657E, price £25) in March 2020

Guide on the implementation of the OPRC Convention and OPRC-HNS Protocol, 2020 Edition (digital only) (product code K559E, price £20) in April 2020

Procedures for Port State Control 2019, 2020 Edition (digital only) (product code KD650E) in March 2020.