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On behalf of the Sales and Marketing team, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2019!

IMO Publishing is pleased to announce the availability of the following new titles:

Revised Guidance on the National Implementation of the London Protocol, 2018 Edition

Model course: Passenger ship crowd management training, 2018 Edition

OSV Chemical Code, 2018 Spanish Edition

30th Session 2017 (Res. 1110 - 1130), Chinese Edition.

Also available are the following new editions of existing titles:

IMDG Code, 2018 French Edition (inc. Amdt 39-18)

IMDG Code, 2018 Spanish Edition (inc. Amdt 39-18).

The latest edition of The IMO-Vega Database (Version 23) is now available in two formats:

  • Internet Subscription (SVEGA)
  • Electronic Download (Z23A).
  • For further information, please see the What's new in Version 23? listing. Please note that the IMO-Vega on the Web version has already been updated to include these documents.

    The updated Publications Catalogue is now available in digital format only.

    Please note that from 1 January 2020, the renewal discount (50%) for subscriptions to SOLAS on the Web and MARPOL on the Web will no longer apply. All renewals taking place before that date will benefit from the renewal discount as they have in previous years.

    From now on, all new digital model courses will be available in e-reader format (EBK file) only. Certain existing digital model courses will be converted to the EBK file format in the near future.

    Please note that a supplement in Russian has been added to our Supplements & CDs webpage. We encourage you to view this webpage and advise you to download and print it accordingly. Please remember that this update is also available by using the Internet Update/Check for Content Update function from within The IMO Bookshelf software. Customers who have purchased the e-book can access the supplement which has been added to the back of the pdf file, via the Virtual Publications website.

    Coming soon...

    Model course: Passenger ship crisis management and human behaviour training, 2018 Edition (product code T142E, price £40) in January 2019

    Revised Guidance on the National Implementation of the London Protocol, 2018 French Edition (product code I535F, price £18) in January 2019

    30th Session 2017 (Res. 1110 - 1130), Arabic and Russian Editions (product codes I30A and I30R, price £18) in February 2019

    Cape Town Agreement of 2012, 2018 Chinese Edition (product code IA793C, price £25) in January 2019

    STCW including 2010 Manila Amendments, 2017 Russian Edition (product code ID938R, price £50) in February 2019.